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Client: Sloane Elisabeth Foundation
Project: Website VIP Day


In 2022, we had the unbelievable opportunity to work with the Sloane Elisabeth Foundation – a 501(c)(3) dedicated to helping families who have experienced the loss of a child. They offer financial help, resources, and community, and they were looking for a home on the internet where people could easily locate those resources, find opportunities to volunteer, and easily donate.

Our VIP Day started with a discovery call / coffee date at 9am. We discussed their website wants, needs and aspirations. We started laying out the user experience and site map to make sure we included everything necessary for their goals–then we got to work! Once our coffee date wrapped up, we were in “cardio graphic design” mode. We created 2 designs within SquareSpace that were both on-brand, but took the user through a different user experience, with one being a little simpler and the other more complex. 

Why SquareSpace?

Great question! With our VIP Days, we have to design as quickly as possible, in a responsive web environment – and in a platform that is really easy to pass off to our clients when the day is over. That way they can make their own blog posts, add events, etc. without having to re-engage and add more cost to them.

Around noon, we had our second meeting of the day where The Adventure Agency proposed the two homepage designs. We walked through both together, gathering “likes” and “dislikes”, gut reactions, and any edits that the client wanted to make. Honestly, they were amazing and we had such minimal edits! They narrowed it down to the one design that spoke to them the most, and we were off to the races to finish the site! 

After our lunch meeting, we created the remaining pages in a similar look and feel as the homepage. The additional pages included: About Us, Resources, Events, Contact and Donate.

About Us: Using the same video header as the homepage, we made a beautiful About page with parallax elements, movement, clean typography and imagery within the brand vibe of purple, nature, family, and support.

Resources: They have a slough of resources available for families–and we wanted to make these easily accessible without being overwhelming. To do this, we utilized large purple boxes with the name of the organization/website with the resource, and added short descriptions of each to help the reader understand what they can expect from each resource.

Events: Here we set up a calendar that is easy for the client to update from the backend and create new events, while allowing them to be linked via Facebook, etc. 

Contact: A simple contact form, asking the user if they are interested in volunteering or support.

Donate: One of the most important pages for a non-profit! This page is highlighted in the website’s navigation with a big yellow button to draw attention – it is synced with PayPal for secure and easy donations, and we highlighted their Venmo account (including a QR code to make it very simple) to allow users a secondary option to donate.

Finally, we had our “end of the day” meeting over Zoom where we presented the final pages! At this point we typically ask our clients to sit with it over night, and if there are any issues/edits that they’d like made the next morning, we can typically accommodate that. From there we push the website LIVE, implement Google Analytics, and record any Loom videos demonstrating how to create blog posts or event listings, etc.

Our VIP Day with Sloane Elisabeth Foundation was a very emotional day on both sides, and tears were shed by all! It was such a precious and special project for us to be involved in, we are so grateful.

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