Contract Graphic Designer

Who is The Adventure Agency?
The Adventure Agency is a boutique branding, design and marketing agency founded in 2019. Founded by Megan Gopp–who in 2012 slept on a couch for 3 months for an unpaid internship at an ad agency in Chicago. Today she is a designer, an assistant professor at MSU, and a mentor. We find inspiration in exploration; we value our relationships; and we believe Creative is Queen. The Adventure Agency donates 1% of our gross annual income to “1% for the Planet”, and we are looking for the right contract designer who is interested in growing with us! While this job is open to all, it’s a bonus if you’re in the Southwest Michigan area (or close enough). We’d love to be able to go on jobs together or meet up in person! Finally, we set the intention to treat our contractors as part of the team, while also doing what we can to help grow their business. Whether that’s through mentorship, or some other avenue, we want to ensure the contractors feel empowered and never taken advantage of.

Who are you?

We are looking for a reliable graphic designer who can be client-facing. Here is a little more about who our ideal candidate would be:

+ Someone who is always curious and learning.
+ Humble – our communications with clients are not harsh or egotistical, we believe even tough conversations with clients are teaching moments, not a time to argue.
+ Great communicators – every job description has this, but we really mean it. If you explain  something, and the listener doesn’t get it, you know to take a step back and rework your explanation, trying to match it to your audience. You tend to lean more towards over-communication rather than under. You ask questions when they come up, rather than waiting until the end of a project.
+ A critical problem solver – If you don’t have an answer or you don’t know how to do something, you figure out a way to make it happen. You troubleshoot problems as they come up.
+ Accountability – we have to be able to rely on you to meet the deadlines you agree to and to be on time for meetings, etc. If you are in a lull or slow period and need more work, you proactively reach out.
+ Availability – ideally this person is available during the workday (9am-5pm EST) as we’d love  someone who can sit in on client meetings when needed, or available as a back-up for client communications when the account manager is out of office, etc.
+ Detail oriented – you double (sometimes triple-check) your own work!

Details about the work:

+ 20-25 hours per week
+ Weekly project meetings
+ Work on ongoing marketing and design projects for an array of clients, across many industries
+ Familiar with both print and digital production best-practices
+ Professional in Adobe Creative Suite
+ Handle shifting priorities and moving deadlines (we do our best to forecast, but life happens)
+ Projects may include:

– Website Design
– Label + Package Design
– Layout for one pagers, brochures, etc.
– Powerpoint presentation design
– Brand collateral based on brand standards
– Social media design
– Email design (mailchimp and flodesk)
– Marketing strategy
If you don’t have experience in all project types above, no problem! Please still apply. We are happy to teach

+ We use Slack and ClickUp to organize projects