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  • Research and Competitive Landscape Mapping
  • In-depth Branding Questionnaire to Best Understand Your Vision
  • Pinterest Collaboration Board (if necessary)
  • Primary Logo
    • 3-6 initial concepts – see process for more details, 2 rounds of revisions
    • Formats delivered: .pdf, .eps, .jpg, .png  |  Color options (full, 1 color, reverse, black)
  • Secondary logo
    • Formats delivered: .pdf, .eps, .jpg, .png  |  Color options (full, 1 color, reverse, black)
  • Favicon for Website Usage
  • Color Palette
  • 1 Page Brand Guide
  • Social Profile Picture
    • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, if applicable
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What sets you apart from the thousands of other graphic design agencies?

First and foremost: quality. We all know the phrase “you get what you pay for”, and that extends to your branding as well. Most people can spot a  $50 logo when we see it. If you’re reading this, then we both know that you expect more from your branding. You are the type of person that invests in quality and strategy instead of spending time and money ‘throwing things at a wall to see what sticks’. We design with purpose. Everything we do ties back to your vision and strategy. We research your competition, we understand your clients and industry. We treat your business as if it were our own. We want our business to succeed, and we want that for you, too. We know, pretty much everyone is related to a graphic designer. There are almost as many as many “great graphic designers” as “World’s Best Cups of Coffee”. What sets us apart are our passion, attitude, efficiency, quality and strategic thinking. Not to mention, we’ve been doing this for 7 years – so we’ve had a lot of practice!

We know that this is an investment, and we want to make this investment work for you. Your clients pay the bills. That’s why we strategically approach your audience in a way that they can connect and understand.

Who Is The Adventure Agency, LLC? 

The Adventure Agency was born in a cloud of curiosity and wanderlust. We long for a place we haven’t yet experienced. And why not us? Why not you? We know we offer a lot of value, and we want to take you on this adventure with us!

Seven years ago, our founder graduated from college knowing she was destined to work at an ad agency in downtown Chicago. She sent her resume to every agency she could Google, and was offered a 3 month – unpaid – internship. So, she packed a bag and moved into her [generous] cousin’s Chicago living room while working retail in the morning, and working the internship from 9am-5pm (sometimes 9am-8:30pm).

The hustle never slowed down. She worked her way up to Senior Art Director (“started from the bottom now we here”). Working with the same clients for 7 years can be fun, but daunting. She started to feel that “magic destiny” urge, so she started The Adventure Agency. She leads her team to believe that with a compass, a dash of critical thinking, and a plethora of great design – we can manage any terrain.

What happens if I’m not satisfied?

We want you to be confident in your choice to work with us. It’s our goal to design products that you are completely in love with. That’s why we take extra care to make sure you’re satisfied throughout the process.

The first step of our process is to have a design consultation call to make sure the partnership is a good fit. We want to make sure that your vision is something we can create for you. If it’s not in our wheelhouse, we will let you know right away. Once designs are started, we include up to 2 rounds of revisions per project – and offer additional revisions at at an hourly rate. You will always know what round of edits we are on, and we will never start on additional revisions without your approval. However, we’re willing to be flexible and make you as satisfied as possible. If we need to throw in an extra round of revisions to make that project absolutely perfect, we’re happy to do so as we see fit, per case.

In very rare cases, if you’re still not satisfied, you can choose to cancel the contract. You will just settle up the work that has already been created, with no need to pay for work that has not been started. When you complete the payment of the invoice, we will send you the final files that we worked on together, and that’s it!

What am I responsible for?

For branding projects, we will need you to fill out the branding questionnaire and, if needed, the inspo board and references to what you’re looking for prior to us starting design work. It’s also worth noting that our prices do not include printing. If you have a printer already, that’s perfect! If you need recommendations on places to print, we can help with that. For websites, you will need to purchase domain and hosting services prior to starting design. If you need help with this, I can recommend my favorite companies. Also, prior to design – we will need all of your content finalized and sent over. This includes any imagery, logos (if not completed with us), copy, product photos, links, etc.

Please send all of these items in a timely manner. This is extremely important for us to stay on our timeline. If you’re delayed, it can push back other projects on the waitlist and may even incur a fee. Usually we’ll give you one week to gather these things, but if you’re on the waitlist it may be a good time to start preparing them before we even start the process.

Domain & Hosting:

You, the client, are responsible for acquiring the domain of choice and setting up your own hosting account. If you don’t already have one, we highly recommend Siteground because of their exceptional customer support and unlimited email, subdomains, and high data storage (starting at 10GB). We’ll ask for login info in order to transfer your website; if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, just ask the support team – Siteground is awesome with this. Post installation support is limited to updates and bugs, any alterations or customizations will be billed separately.

How do payments work?

Payments may be made via check, PayPal (fees apply) or Credit Card (processing fees of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction apply). Almost all design package payments are due in two parts, a 50% non-refundable deposit at the beginning of the process to hold your spot in our schedule, and the rest once the final design has been approved and before we deliver any final files. For large or highly customized projects, we may break this into three payments. Other payment plans are available upon request!

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Looking for Monthly Retainer Work?

Are you looking for steady help with your brand and marketing? We offer monthly retainers starting at $600 (6 hours per month), with a 6 month commitment. This is the most economical package, and you can send over projects on an ad-hoc basis! Also, keep in mind that we have been doing this for a long time, we can fit quite a bit into one hour of work!

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