The Client:

Content Corral

Content Corral is a branding and logo design project inspired by the rugged charm of the Wild West. Drawing from cowboy aesthetics and the vibrant hues of the American Southwest, this brand aims to lasso attention and evoke a sense of adventure.

Imagine a sun-kissed desert landscape, where cacti stand tall and tumbleweeds dance in the wind. Content Corral captures this essence, blending rustic textures, weathered wood, and sunburnt earth tones. It’s a nod to the days of cattle drives, campfires, and wide-open spaces.

The Project

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo and Brand Design

The Content Corral Branding feels like:

  • Bright sun on your face
  • The rope of a lasso
  • Soft leather cowboy boots
  • Worn denim
  • A cozy dive bar

Sounds like:

  • Horses neighing
  • The murmur of people talking over pints of beer in a warm, dark saloon with piano music playing in the background
  • Sand and wind blowing

Smells like:

  • Fresh grass
  • Spicy cologne
  • Leather

“Trailblazing graphic design is just one of many staples in the Adventure Agency’s cache of capabilities. They’re proactive, prompt, and just plain pleasant to engage with. I will continue to enlist the Adventure Agency on my upcoming design excursions, and you should, too.”

Charles Mutscheller, founder of Content Corral