The Details

FruitBlendz Fruit Purées are specialty puréed fruit for people with dysphasia. This swallowing disorder makes it difficult for people to swallow, increasing the likelihood of choking. FruitBlendz is a thicker consistency, making it easier to swallow. The product is sold to both hospitals/care-facilities as well as to home healthcare providers. FruitBlendz stands out from its competitors due to the ease of use (you scoop it and serve, where competitive products require thawing a frozen puck and serving). They also purée each flavor of fruit (i.e. puréed apricot flavor FruitBlendz is actually puréed apricots). Typically competitors will use applesauce as a base and add flavoring to the product.

Projects Include

  • Logo Redesign
  • Branding Materials
  • Website Development in
  • Copywriting
  • Product Photography
  • Video Shooting and Editing
  • Product Spec Sheet
  • Consumer Packaging and Labels
The Adventure Agency | Logo DevelopmentThe Adventure Agency | Logo Development
FruitBlendz Logo Design


The intention with this brand refresh was to show FruitBlendz as a fresh, yet scientific product (because it is!). It’s innovative and perfect for anyone to use. The mood of the brand was clean kitchen with a homey-vibe (think of your grandma creating homemade purées from fruit in her garden) meets science and innovation.


To keep in line with the “homemade-kitchen-meets-innovative-scientific” feeling, we needed to bring warmth to the site, while keeping it clean and modern. To do this, we added a textured beige background that feels warm, warn-in and almost like an old written-down recipe passed down from generation to generation. We included a script font to help create interest, and animations to help the site feel more playful. The top hero image of the site is actually made up of individual fruit images that all float in and bounce around on their own timelines, creating interest from first glance. Did you know it takes 0.05 seconds for users to develop an opinion about your website? We accomplished our goal of developing that brand-feel within that short amount of time with FruitBlendz.

FruitBlendz Website Design - The Adventure Agency
The Adventure Agency | Packaging and Label Design


Because there are 6 unique flavors, we wanted the flavors to be obvious at first glance. Each label is a completely different color from the other flavors, and shows the fruit for which the flavor represents. The realistic photography felt on-brand with FruitBlendz because they use real fruit in the product (where their competitors use artificial flavoring in applesauce, FruitBlendz is the actual fruit puréed). Using illustrative fruit felt off-putting and not accurate to the amount of care put into this product. We also needed to include the IDDSI Puréed Level 4 icon in a predominant location so that healthcare businesses that find this information important can see it immediately and know how beneficial this product can be in their kitchens.

*project completed for Trungale, Egan and Associates with their permission, prior to joining The Adventure Agency