The Details

Fuse & Function is not only a brand, but a lifestyle. A blog with focuses on mind and body wellness, as well as healing and meditation – the branding for Fuse & Function needed to feel natural, neutral, sophisticated and minimal. The name Fuse & Function is inspired by integrative and functional medicine, helping the body heal naturally by understanding the root cause of diseases. Fuse is a synonym of integrating and function comes from functional medicine.

Fuse & Function brand guide


The lettering of “Fuse” was designed to feel strong while showcasing natural curves. The F and U are “fused” together to create a ligature that is unique to this logo. The word “Function” is more clinical/scientific to introduce the idea of functional medicine,  with a minimalist clean look.


We wanted the color and mood of the new brand to feel natural and neutral, focusing on self-care and nothing too shocking. We paired a muted neutral palette with metallic copper and dusty navy to add some interest. The mood board images bring a calming sense of relaxation, self-care and nature.

Fuse & Function creative branding and colour palette