The Details

Giant Squid Group is a group of badass moms with tattoos taking on the world of fundraising and non-profits by coaching non-profits on how to raise money for their mission. We found the name and the concepting so fun and unique for the space–they wanted to stand out from the crowd and be the anti-boring choice for their audience. (We love that so much). They’re very down-to-earth, relatable and conversational. The type of women you just want to grab a beer with at the end of the day, and we wanted that personality to come through in the design. The name of the business was even conceived in a dive bar over a plate of hot dogs. These are our type of people. 

“I couldn’t be happier, and will absolutely work with Megan and her team again”

I am so glad that I worked with Megan and her team to redo Giant Squid Group’s website. The process was an intimidating one for me, but they not only perfectly captured my aesthetic and overall feel for the website, they made the whole process incredibly easy.


Giant Squid Group website designed by The Adventure Agency

The process

Catherine (the founder) basically let our imaginations run wild! In order to bring in an element of fun, badassery and personality, we created uniquely illustrated frames for the photography we used on the site, bringing in squid and octopi tentacles with elements that made sense for each particular section helped bring the site to life.

The elements

Some of those unique elements included personalized bio photos. We asked their team a few questions about their personal interests, and included those within those personalized illustrated frames. For example, the illustration to the right shows a glass of wine, a sketchbook and pencil, music notes, and stars. This employee loves listening to music, drawing and having a glass of wine to unwind. The four stars along the left represent the Chicago flag, as this particular person lives in the Chicago-land area. The flower elements help soften the tentacles and help bring the natural elements of the brand to life.