The Client:

Lazy Ballerina Winery

Lazy Ballerina Winery is one of the only women-owned wineries in Southwest Michigan. Named after a termed known to the world of viticulture, a Lazy Ballerina is a term for for the trellis that a wine grape is grown on. The name lends itself to really fun and unique branding that cultivates storytelling.  

We design labels with the intention of them dancing off the shelves. LBW’s tasting room is nestled in the quaint vacation town of St. Joseph, MI, where people come to enjoy slow, summer days on the beach, and a glass of wine. For LBW’s liquor line, we decided to capitalize on the idea of a vacation momento. Locals and tourists alike are drawn to the locally-designed labels showcasing the St. Joseph Lighthouse

The Project

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo and Brand Design
  • Label Design
Lazy Ballerina Vodka Label Design

Prima Vodka

The Prima Vodka label is a metallic label intended to look like blue ice. Mimicking the iciness of Lake Michigan in the winter, the blue area of the label has an icy texture, which, with the metallic sheen brings the ice to life. The front panel looks like it’s been smashed to showcase a local photographer’s capture of the St. Joseph Lighthouse. The typography was intended to be modern, angular, sharp and reminiscent of that same ice breaking.

Prima Rum

The Prima Spiced Rum label makes Southwest Michigan feel like the Caribbean. Bringing Pirates to Lake Michigan by showing a pirate ship along the horizon during one of SW Michigan’s famous sunsets, with an illustrated graphic of the St. Joseph Lighthouse – the label is warm and inviting and feels like a vacation. The side panels are designed after parchment, like a treasure map bringing people back to Southwest Michigan, and the font feels like an old pirate’s rum.

This label was featured in Design Rush’s “8 Best Spirit Packaging Designs”. Read the article below:

Beach Blaze Cinnamon Sugar Brandy

The heat of the cinnamon brandy seems to have burned through the label to reveal the bright sun setting behind the St. Joseph Lighthouse on this metallic LBW brandy label. The sunset shines bright with the metallic background, and the edges of the label have a burnt paper look to help illustrate the spice and burn of cinnamon.

Wish You Were Here Wine 

This label is designed after a postcard, again showcasing the St. Joseph Lighthouse to appeal to both tourists and locals alike. The vintage postcard design plays on the idea of vacation, with the typography designed after that of postcards from decades past.

Lazy Ballerina Wine Label Design - Wish You Were Here

“Megan is amazingly creative and in tune with her client’s needs and wants. She created a variety of logos for my new business and was able to capture our style, personalities, and theme perfectly. She is prompt and thorough in all she does.”

Lauren Kniebes, co-owner of Lazy Ballerina Winery