The Client:


Named for the Owen Sisters (and co – their close family friend Tom), O&Co is a small business in Southwest Michigan bringing unique plant displays, gifts and pop-up classes to their studio in Bridgman, MI.

The idea behind the branding was to feel whimsical, yet high-end; magical yet professional; warm and welcoming yet structured. The logo itself showcases a strong ampersand with a large O in front while it holds the “co” that’s perched on top of its arm. The branding includes sketch-like illustrations of flowers that represent each of the sisters’ and Tom’s birth months, as well as a magnolia that represents Tom’s grandmother.

The Project

  • Logo
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Standards Guide

Other Concepts 

O&Co Branding feels like:

  • Warm Sunshine
  • Magic and Fun
  • Community
  • High-end and Vintage

Sounds like:

  • People laughing
  • Potted plants clinking
  • Water running
  • Soft jazz music playing

Smells like:

  • Dried flowers
  • Vanilla and Jasmine
  • Soil
  • Paint