Project Description

The Details

STY House is a brand new clothing company specializing in high-quality sports attire. They offer luxe-quality material at affordable prices. Founded by a lifelong athlete, STY House is the ideal clothing brand for people looking for affordable high-performance gym wear.


After an in-depth competitive analysis, we decided to take STY House branding in a simple yet custom direction. The STY House font is custom with unique angled letterforms, giving it a more modern/edgy look. The color palette is strong and will stand out from the different clothing applications. Because this is a clothing brand, we went with multiple logo variations to adhere to the potential clothing pieces that will be branded. Having many options is important for a clothing brand, and we accomplished the different variations while keeping within the same brand look and feel.

STY House Logo Design


Here is an up-close look at the alterations made to create this unique font. Subliminally, the STY in addition to the angles of the H and E join into a triangular shape, mimicking the roof of a house. Do you see it?