The Details

The Whittemore House is an elegant mansion located in Washington D.C. With a rich history of affluent women, this was a dream job for The Adventure Agency! Currently the location of the Women’s National Democratic Club, this gorgeous historical mansion can be rented for a large number of events (they rent out each room of the house), and has great historical value. Built between 1892 and 1894, it began as a private home for opera singer Sarah Adams Whittemore, and was later listed on the National Register of Historical Places in 1973 and was granted museum status in 2000. Capturing the historical feeling, while introducing details of an event space were a fun and unique exercise!

“Megan and her team are wonderful to work with. They are responsive, professional and always able to interpret and implement my ideas (mostly, my ramblings) successfully.

They follow a structured and logical process and were able to produce a gorgeous, responsive and user-friendly website on a tight timeline with short notice. When edits came up down the line, they were always happy to take time out of their day to help. I’ve not had such a pain-free experience with a designer before. They are dedicated to their work and it shows.”

– Katherine Starr,
Bond Events, The Whittemore House

Event Venue Website Design | The Adventure Agency

The process

The Whittemore House has multiple rooms for rent which are typically used for weddings and wedding showers–and they wanted a web presence that made it obvious what feeling is conveyed within the walls of the house, and allow brides to know right away that they are a classic and beautiful wedding venue. To achieve this, we chose a muted gold color (classic, gilded and feminine) as well as dainty floral illustrations that added a subtle feminine touch without being overly distracting. Many color swatches and frames were used to help allow the design to feel almost as its own wedding invitation.

The Finer Details

With so many beautiful photos of The Whittemore House in existence, we knew we needed to showcase the photos that help bring the atmosphere of the location to life. It’s romantic, it’s classic, it’s magic. These four photos help convey that feeling while also remaining very “bridal”.

The Whittemore House website designed by The Adventure Agency

The Finer Details

The major selling point for The Whittemore House are the different rooms that are available for rent, and the styles of each room. Understanding that this would be one of the most popular pages, we wanted to make it as easily digestible and understandable for users to find details about the room, see how the rooms can be set up, and see the location of the room within the house. We took the overview of the house and highlighted each room in an eggshell blue (again, to remind people of a wedding), we also included a gallery of images that automatically move to display different shots of the interior of the room, with different set ups and angles so brides are able to see as many details in one place as possible.